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The Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Smart Wifi London love to offer our clients the best products on the market. However, we also like to ensure you know all of the advantages so you can make the most of every product. Today we will take a quick look at the different advantages of smart home automation.

Firstly, What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home technology generally refers to any device (or a range) that can be independently and remotely controlled. When your home technology works together in one system, it can also be referred more loosely as a “connected home”

The Big Advantages

Managing all of your home devices from one place.
Conveniently connect your home and all devices

Flexibility for new devices and appliances.
There will be around 31 billion devices connected to the internet by the end of 2020, and that number is expected to grow to 75.4 billion by 2025. Many of these devices can be used to control your smart home.

Ensure your home is secure and safe
Give your family the protection they deserve with the latest security technology all managed via your smart phone.

Control your essential devices remotely
Have you ever left the house and forgotten to turn down the heating? This is now not a problem.

Save Time
You can control concentrate on your most important tasks and run your home from anywhere

Home Assistant
Let google help you control your whole house with your voice. Check out this amazing video below to see how Home Assistant is helping improve lives:

Smart Home Assistant by Google & Smart Wifi London

Do you love the smell of coffee in the morning?
Let google assistant connect to your coffee machine (and almost every other device) to let you start the coffee machine using your phone.

Health Tracking
Smart home lights will change their brightness according to the natural light to ensure the best possible lighting to suit your mood and health

smart wifi london wifi installers london
Smart Wifi London bringing you Smart Home Automation in London

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